I was over the moon to hear Ryde Town Council won their bid to access Heritage High Street funding and I would like to thank all councillors who supported the vote in favour.
I’ve just returned home from the October RTC meeting where fellow members voted unanimously for expressing an interest in a further lottery funded ‘Heritage Horizons’ programme that provides grants in excess of £5million to ‘transformative, innovative’ heritage-based proposals with Ryde Theatre/Town Hall in mind.
Ryde Theatre has been a matter of great concern locally for many years in its dilapidated state and is mentioned in the RTC position statement as a priority issue.
The funding programme is the only major grant source to large projects like the theatre so RTC submitting an expression of interest to the fund with the support of the IW Council’s regeneration team is fantastic news for Ryde.
At this first stage RTC would not be committing to purchase, lease or fund the project, if successful IWC would want to discuss how to support the project going forward. The deadline for submission was 11th October.
Would be great to get our local town hall/theatre back up and running for community use via a not-for-profit trust like Shanklin theatre.
We need interested parties to come forward to create a group like Friends of Shanklin Theatre to manage the assets art and community focused future.
The Environment Agency has now completed its remedial works on new drains to let water escape from waterlogged gardens in lower West Hill Road through the flood wall, via none return valve, so it can once again make its way into the Monkton Brook. We even managed to get Monkton Street resurfaced in October, better late than never.
If you’re in the Ryde North East area, drop in and have a coffee at the new ‘Monkton Arts and Lounge Coffee Bar’ in East Street. There’s always something going on down there and such nice folks running the place, it’s brought Monkton Village alive (just around the corner from Monkton Street Shops). Nice cake too.


I have been to various public consultations regarding Nicholson Road and West Acre developments, with so many in the pipeline, although some are only at the preliminary stage and may not happen. I had an opportunity to join the planning committee at Ryde Town Council to keep a  closer eye on what is coming through and represent residents views, both positive and negative.  If you have a view you would like to chat with me in confidence about, please get in touch on 07506930109.
I submitted a motion to Full Council in October to form a Facilities and Assets Management Committee. This committee would have given members of the public an opportunity to come and ask questions and listen to debate and decisions regarding services and assets of the town council.  I will continue to push for this, as being open and transparent where the residents are included is at the heart of everything I do.
We are at the start of a long process to try and take Ryde Theatre back into public hands.  We have made an expression of interest to win a bid for £5million to restore this historic building. I am informed it’s a 12-month process so watch this space.
I am still working alongside Fellowship House and residents regarding the issues we have been experiencing in our town. This is working well with great open and honest dialogue that made significant changes. This work is ongoing and both Fellowship House and residents are committed to the process.
I would encourage you all to come to the Ryde Town Council meeting on the first Monday of the month to ask questions about your council. I feel it is so important decisions are made in front of as many of you as possible,  I would like to make the gap that sometimes happens with councils and public much narrower. My aim is to always represent you and the views of residents.  I look forward to welcoming you to the meeting.