Not easy being green…

By Emily Wells

When it comes to environmental issues, there are two main camps splashed across the media – the climate-change deniers (complete with gas-guzzling cars, private jets and secret oil investments), and the hemp-wearing activists, disrupting traffic in major cities with their protests.

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Here comes the sun…and six weeks of fun?!

By Emily Wells

Summer holidays are the best aren’t they? Six weeks of uninterrupted sunshine, beach time and ice cream for breakfast right? Or at least that’s what my rose-tinted childhood glasses allow me to remember. But now as a parent with weeks of entertainment to somehow pull out of the parental hat, the looming holiday seems as much a challenge as it does a rest.

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“The Beacon continues to be a great choice; its distribution reaches all but a tiny proportion of our Shanklin residents so we are able to keep our residents informed of our achievements and upcoming projects”

Stella Janeway

Town Clerk RFO

“We have been advertising Island wide in the Beacon for over 5 years now.  In the beginning the Beacon marketing really helped us to establish our new brand and get recognised as professional reliable electricians all over the Isle of Wight.” 

Mike and Lisa Cottier

“As a local business we have used the Beacon for many years which must show it works for us, We are often told “Saw your advert in the Beacon.”

Simon Flack

“We have had a really good response from advertising their two ‘Over 55’ developments, Beatrice Court in Hope Road, Shanklin and Princess Court in East Cowes. “We measure all our advertising so many of the people that viewed our developments, when asked, said they saw it in the Beacon.”

Victoria Pink
Marketing Manager