Autumn Resolutions By Emily Drake-Knight

I’ve said before that I don’t make resolutions, or at least not at new year when I’m still enduring the emotional hangover of saying goodbye to December’s festivities. But I read something recently about autumn resolutions that seemed to make a bit more sense.

Now the pressure of the back-to-school rush is behind us and the C word (Scrooges ban me from saying it in full until at least November) is far enough away to be respectfully ignored, it could be the perfect time to make a new resolution. It was suggested – by some unnamed online guru – that by beginning a new hobby, skill or project in the autumn, we might not feel the need to embark on a million different life-changing activities when the bleakness of January sets in. By then we will smugly be three months into our own personal challenge and I imagine there is nothing quite like feeling smug in January, while everyone else is embarking on a new guilt-fuelled diet or booze detox.
My challenge will not be food, abstinence or exercise related though, I’ve come to a comfortable acceptance that those battles are best fought slowly and gently, in my case. I shall instead be heading back to school, although this school is held in a pokey room above a pub and the subject is stand-up comedy. If truth be told, I booked the course on a whim after a couple of glasses of wine without any great feeling of purpose or resolution, but now the money is paid, there’s no going back. I am equally excited and terrified but by January I’ll have the best repertoire of bad ‘Mum Jokes’ in the village. After all, everyone loves an amateur comedian, right?

By Emily Wells

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