Here comes the sun…and six weeks of fun?!

By Emily Wells

Summer holidays are the best aren’t they? Six weeks of uninterrupted sunshine, beach time and ice cream for breakfast right? Or at least that’s what my rose-tinted childhood glasses allow me to remember. But now as a parent with weeks of entertainment to somehow pull out of the parental hat, the looming holiday seems as much a challenge as it does a rest.

Sure, our days will no longer be governed by the mad rush at nine and three each day but, if truth be told, I like the routine and consistency of the school week. My inner child likes being told what to do and when to do it, sadly something I’m not sure has successfully been passed on to my children, who will quite confidently and regularly refuse most of my suggestions.
Also, the fear that my eldest will spend the summer desperately trying to forget everything he’s learnt during his first year of school, sends this homework-averse mother into a panic over how much I should be trying (most likely not that hard and giving up at the first hurdle) to encourage him to read and write over the next few weeks.

Of course, it will be lovely to have my biggest boy back home rather than just for the post-school tiredness where a very public meltdown over a leaky water bottle or my inability to read his mind have become commonplace. But I am not a saint, small children are hard work and being a mother is a job I often feel wholly underqualified for. So, as I look forward to all the fun we’ll be having this month, if you are counting down the days till September, I feel you.

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