Creating life from death

Consider a natural form of burial which provides benefits to our environment and local wildlife.

Springwood Cemetery Woodland Burials was opened in Winford Road, Newchurch, by William Hall Independent Funeral Directors in 1995. The cemetery recreates the traditional woodland which once covered the Isle of Wight.
The cemetery is approximately eight acres in size and was one of the first woodland burial sites created in the country.
Each grave has its own tree planted in memory and has a simple bronze memorial plaque at the base of the tree. Special areas also cater for cremated remains.
In 1996, parts of the cemetery were consecrated by the Bishop of Portsmouth, offering a choice of consecrated or non-consecrated areas, ensuring all beliefs are catered for.
Springwood Cemetery prides itself on being a peaceful and tranquil place of outstanding natural beauty – and a haven for wildlife and wildflowers.
Since the cemetery was created, bird feeders, nesting boxes, slow worm areas, kestrel boxes and stands have all been added, which have encouraged and protected wildlife. Resident squirrels, hares, foxes, kestrels, owls and many other birds can be found within the cemetery. You’ll find a variety of fish in the pond, which visitors often like to feed, as well as ducks and moorhens.
A separate marsh area has been formed to provide homes for all different types of plants and insects.
We are living in days when environmental damage is at the forefront of our minds – and choosing a woodland burial is a great way of providing a better future for our surviving loved ones.

Choosing a woodland burial is a great way of providing a better future for our surviving loved ones

For further information
on Springwood Cemetery
please contact:
William Hall Independent Funeral Directors, Sunnybrow, Winford Road, Newchurch PO36 0JX
Tel. 01983 868688

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