Help People With The Isle of Wight PA Noticeboard


Either way, there’s a new go-to place for everything you need to know – the Isle of Wight PA Noticeboard.

The website, run by the Isle of Wight Council, is the new tool for personal assistants (PA) on the Island to be matched with individuals requiring support.

By becoming a PA, you can make a real difference to residents on the Isle of Wight who need some support, whether it’s at work or with day-to-day tasks at home.

More than 100 accredited personal assistants have been recruited through the Isle of Wight PA Noticeboard in its first three months.

The website, coupled with support from PA Market Development Team, provides information for anyone interested in becoming a PA.

Alternatively, the team can provide advice and support for people who want a PA.

Karen Lucioni became a PA because she wanted to help give people more independence.

She said: “I am not only able to work with clients by supporting them with their daily routines, I can also help them be more active in their community in various ways, even simple things like going shopping, accessing education and training and providing social interaction.

“My role as a PA is about promoting independence, dignity and choice, while always listening to clients’ needs and wishes.

“It is varied, with no day being the same as the one before. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

We will support you through the process to become a PA, including registering on the PA Noticeboard.

As part of this process we will check your suitability to work with vulnerable people.

Sharing the values of the person you’re supporting is the key requirement because they will rely on your support.

Roles are advertised by individuals via the PA Noticeboard and they set their own requirements, which are explained in the job description.

Registered PAs then have the opportunity to apply for the job.

Gail Scott-Hughes, of Seaview, has felt empowered since employing a PA to help her.

She said: “Having a PA really makes me feel more in control of my own care.

“I was worried about having care but my PA has made me feel at ease.  I prefer the flexibility of choosing my own PA and the consistency and regular contact with her has given me more confidence.

I can tell her how I am feeling and what I need, she listens to me and I don’t feel judged in anyway.

I am so glad I went down the route of employing a PA, I have never

regretted it.”

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