Bucket List of a Three Year Old

Recently, my inquisitive three year old overheard someone saying ‘I must do that before I die’ and asked me ‘Is that man going to die?’.

I did my best to explain it was just a turn of phrase when someone really wanted to do something in their life but that death was not necessarily imminent.
After a short period of serious reflection he looked up at me solemnly and said ‘Mum, please may I go to Legoland before I die?’.

No-one likes to think about their mortality – and I’m not about to start chatting funeral arrangements with a three year old – but this little encounter did get me thinking, what is on my bucket list and why am I not pursuing those things now?

Many of us assume we’ll live beyond our retirement, we might one day meet our grandchildren and we’ll have plenty of time to tick off the places we’d like to visit and things we’d like to achieve but, really, who knows what the future holds?

Of course, time, money and a sharp dose of reality often means we can’t just quit the day job and chase that dream of being a West End musical star (yes, I cried after watching Les Miserables because I realised I was probably too old to even be cast as Cosette’s dying mother), but why not start working towards some of the smaller life goals now rather than later?

I was recently inspired by Dame Judy Dench who, for her 81st birthday, had ‘Carpe Diem’ (seize the day) tattooed on her wrist. I’ve always really wanted to get a tattoo (sorry Dad) but have never trusted my own judgement enough to go for it (I used to think pink and blue hair mascara looked cool).

Maybe now is the time to take the plunge in case I’m not lucky enough to make it to 81.

Having said that, I don’t love needles or pain and I’ve never been able to decide between a tribal armband circa 1990s Mel C or the classic butterfly on the back.
Perhaps I should hold off and just book those tickets to Legoland instead.

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