SellStreet – Taking the weight out of selling your Home

Buying or selling a house can often be very stressful experience, even more so if you are not in the best of health or in a vulnerable situation. That is why it is so important to receive the right support and guidance.


Now help is at hand, courtesy for Isle of Wight company SellStreet, who are not your normal High Street estate agent, but one that focuses on helping those who need guidance during the demanding buying or selling process.


SellStreet was founded by Paul Gidley, to sell properties for all Island residents. It is run by Paul’s partner Miriam Horstman, and her business partner Justine Ireland, who both have a wealth of experience dealing with Island residents experiencing difficult situations, and pride themselves on being totally transparent with clients.


Miriam worked within adult social care for 13 years, and for the last three years with Macmillan, supporting patients with their finances when diagnosed with cancer while Justine has been the long-time carer for her older brother, who suffers from dementia. Those are among the reasons why SellStreet is such a community-spirited company, and why Miriam and Justine want to provide help to others in need.


Miriam explained: “We are an estate agent, but we are quite different to others on the Island. Although we operate as a normal estate agent, we are aware that often a property is being sold because of death, divorce or health problems.


“There are also a lot of elderly people living in isolated areas on the Island, and may want to move but feel it is all too much for them. We can help them sell their property, and then find one that is more suitable for them. They may need a ramp or wider doors for wheelchair access, and we can source the builders who can do that work.


“We have a lot of experience of the elderly, the vulnerable and people with illness. That is why we want to go in and help, make it a positive experience, and let them know we are here for them. We can help fill in forms, and give them all the help and advice they need, including a full welfare benefits service.


“People have to try to take care of all these huge matters when they have other things on their minds. Often wrong decisions are made, and we want to help these people, and make sure wrong decisions are not made.”


 Miriam added: “The whole concept of SellStreet is that there is no High Street presence, and no need to have expensive fees any more. We are not internet based either, we have a human presence, and anyone who comes to us via the Isle of Wight Council or Citizens’ Advice, will get a rate of 0.6 per cent. Why pay100 percent more to sell your home?


“We also offer a ‘free with a cup of tea’ service, which is free advice for people who find themselves in a desperate situation, and need help. Our services are free to those people who meet the criteria and make us a cup of tea!


“We will sell a house free, and cover the solicitors’ charges in that scenario. Everyone else will be charged 0.6 per cent, if they contact us quoting ‘Beacon’ and out of our fee we will make a donation to an Island-based charity, or an Island project.”


Justine, born on the Island, has a background of buying and selling holiday properties, and for the last eight years has been the carer for her brother. She said: “It was such a battle to look after his interests, so we wanted to create something that wasn’t a battle for people in a similar situation. If we can take away the stress, then we know people can function better.”


SellStreet can also provide the best priced solicitors, mortgage brokers and social advisors, and buy and sell homes through all the all the major property marketplaces, including Rightmove, Prime Location and Zoopla.


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