Thank you for the music

Growing up on the Island, I definitely take our access to festivals for granted. While I will probably never experience anything quite like the heady days of the original IW Festival, I’ve definitely taken advantage of the ever-increasing musical offering that unfolds on our doorstep each year.

As a youthful teenager I would raid my parents house for a sleeping bag and a few cans and hop on bus horrifically ill-equipped for bad weather or the lack of sleep, knowing that if I suffered either I could always trek home to a warm bed and a hot shower.

Now, as a less-youthful thirtysomething, with young children, I’m less cans and sleeping bags and more craft ale and a taxi home at midnight – before I turn into a pumpkin (sleep-deprived grumpy old mum). Gone are the days of staying up til the early hours to see some Swedish DJ play a secret set in a tiny tent somewhere, instead I march around like a onewoman utility belt armed with water, wet wipes and weather-appropriate footwear looking for a nice place to sit on my practical plastic-backed rug.

It feels like we’re more spoilt for live music events than ever, with some newer events producing some great line ups. From Eklectica bringing us Scouting For Girls, The Fratellis and Pixie Lott to Fairweather Festival bagging Example and Razorlight. The IW Festival boasts sets from Kasabian, Depeche Mode and The Killers, while Rhythmtree hosts Morcheeba and One Life Festival introduces the first Island music event specifically for adults with learning difficulties.

There is literally something for everyone. I, for one, will be elbowing my way to the front at Seaclose to relive my teenage years for Sheryl Crow’s set and, if you’re really unfortunate, you might even catch a sequin-clad pair of out-of-shape radio presenters prancing around at Electro Love but I’m not sure who invited them?!


By Emily Wells

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