Raising the bar

The days of men lifting heavy weights in front of the mirror while women use the gym’s cardio equipment are long gone.

At 1Leisure, we have noticed the way women use the gym has changed dramatically – and we are all for it!
Women are now frequently occupying the free weights area themselves and, at our Tone Zones, it has now become a regular occurrence to see more women using these areas than men.

We all go to the gym for our own personal reasons but, more often than not, the common aim is to achieve certain image goals. Women generally want a toned look, with a flatter stomach and enhanced curves.

But those seeking that toned look know it is not sustainable through low-intensity exercise alone.

Moderately heavy compound lifts can work wonders in promoting fat loss while also helping to develop those sought-after curves.

There are myths surrounding the use of heavy weights claiming they cause women to become bulky with a masculine physique but our female customers are well aware these assertions are just that – myths.

However, there is truth in the claim that making weight training part of your regular exercise programme not only gives you greater strength but also improved bone, joint and cardiovascular health, improved fat loss and better overall mood and energy levels.

Our gym staff are on hand to help you achieve your goals whatever they might be. If you are already a member why not have a chat with one of our instructors? They are always happy to refresh your work-out programme, give you a few new ideas or you can even book a free 1-2-1 session.

If you’re not yet a member, we have three Tone Zone Gyms – Medina, The Heights and Westridge. Why not pop in today to see how we can help get you feeling good and looking great this summer?

For more information, see www.1leisure.co.uk, call
01983 823880 or come and visit us.

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