Loving yourself… like a three year old

My three-year-old son was recently proclaiming his love for all things, from his little brother to his new shoes when he less than quietly announced (we were in public at the time) ‘I love myself mum, do you love yourself?’. I’m more used to being faced with questions about whether stingray have gills or whether bones are made of blood, so I’ll confess this one caught me off guard.

The truth is ‘self love’ is not something that comes naturally. As a woman, my relationship with my body has been a mixed one. A painfully scrawny teenager, I longed for any kind of shape other than my own, but now as a mother of two I’m not quite sure what to do with my newly gained curves, albeit that they’re not in the places I might have wished as a teenager.

But body positivity is big on the female agenda at the moment, and I guess it’s no good singing the praises of all shaped women who are daring to bare all and be happy with their lot, when you can’t even tell your child that you love yourself without feeling like a fraud.

So this month I’m going to make a positive effort to think like a three-year- old and love myself a bit more. I mean I’m not about to dance around in my pants, wobbles displayed for all to see. But if you see a slightly harassed looking women sporting a pink dinosaur swimsuit and wrestling two kids at the West Wight Sports Centre pool, while trying not to care that she is not a size 10, and has the dress sense of a five-year-old old boy, that will be me!


  • Emily Wells

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