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At Abbott’s Carpets and Flooring they don’t just sell. They are also highly experienced in technical information and can help specify the right flooring for your installation.

I have a perfectly flat concrete floor, so I don’t need any sub floor prep. Or do I?


Your concrete floor may be ‘perfectly flat’, However, sub floor prep work is not always about making your floor smooth. The application of specific flooring latex smoothing compounds ensures that old adhesive residues are covered, to ensure a contaminate free, smooth sub floor ready for your chosen flooring. It can also be used to address any imperfections with levels, which Abbott’s can discuss with the customer at site survey. With a variety of different types of smoothing underlayments, specifically designed for certain types of flooring and environments, there is a product available to get over most issues.


So, what’s so bad about sub floor moisture?


Unmanaged sub floor moisture is one of the most common causes of flooring failure. If not dealt with correctly, it can cause floor coverings to blister, wood to warp and adhesives to de-bond. Abbott’s use calibrated digital hygrometers to take accurate readings of moisture levels, to ensure customers have the correct moisture control system applied, before their flooring is fitted.


How do I know what type of flooring to choose?


Choosing the right type of flooring for the area required is not always as easy as you think. There are so many brands, all offering a huge variety of different wear guarantees and suitability for many different areas of your home or business. In a business environment, there may well be areas which need to be health and safety compliant and Abbott’s can help you make the right choice by showing you the different options available.


Did you know?


Using the right adhesive for the specific floor covering and the environment is essential. Abbott’s use adhesives from the UK’s leading manufacturer, which have been engineered and tested for proven reliability for applications in domestic and commercial installations. They have regular contact with industry technical teams to ensure they are up to date with new products coming onto the market, and for our ever-changing environment.


As well as a huge variety of flooring such as luxury design flooring, cushionflor vinyl’s and non-slip safety flooring, there are an increasing selection of loose lay and click and lock flooring ranges. Laminate and engineered wood continue to be popular and there is nothing like the feeling of sinking your toes into a sumptuous new carpet. For all your carpet or flooring requirements, a very warm welcome awaits you in the Abbott’s Carpets & Flooring showroom, where staff are happy to help and advise. To take a look at some of their recent installations, visit their Facebook page @abbottscarpetsandflooring1 and Instagram @abbottsflooringiow.


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