Looking after employees

As modern day conscientious employers on the Island we should all be aware of the importance of looking after our team’s health.

Legislatively we have a responsibility to provide regular sight tests for those working with computers for sustained periods of one hour or more. If it is discovered during the test that glasses would be beneficial for that individual, solely for that task at work, employers are required provision to fund basic glasses.


There are other work related provisions that should also be met for health and safety requirements, such as safety eyewear. At Specsavers we offer a full range of JCB branded safety eyewear, with lenses safe for many different work scenarios. Your health and safety officer will establish if a specialist lens is required for your specific role.


Different to many other suppliers of eye care at work on the Island, we will provide for you a local contact and corporate account manager. At Specsavers in Newport we are lucky to have Susan Dorman to deliver personal guidance and insight into what our e-voucher system is.


She will competently explain the huge money saving aspects and  physically demonstrate just how easy it is to obtain vouchers for your own teams. To make an appointment with Sue please email: [email protected]


The Specsavers’ audiology team, based in the Ryde and Newport stores, are offering free hearing tests. You can save up to £500 on leading brand digital hearing aids up until February 28th, and remember all our prices are for two hearing aids.


We have a fantastic range of hear care products which includes rechargeable hearing aids, iPhone compatible hearing aids and the latest hearing aid technology. This particular innovation takes away the worry of changing batteries in hearing aids every few day, a welcome relief for those that struggle with dexterity issues.


The Specsavers Hearing Check App is also free to download on the App and Play store on iOS or Android devices, and advises whether a full check in store is recommended.

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