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Walking with dinosaurs – and toddlers!
So we are now well into 2018, and for those of us who felt the need for a post Christmas detox, we can throw away the yoga mat and juicer we never got around to using in our failed attempts at sticking to a New Year’s resolution. With two small children, aged three and 11 months, and a ‘grown up’ job, February is all about getting back to some kind of routine and maybe setting some realistic goals for the rest of the year.


I’m not one for giving things up, I’d always choose exercise over dieting (if forced to choose either) and so first on my list is to get outside with the kids more. In the festive wind down, and most of the preceding year, ‘Cbeebies’ has made for a very convenient extra parent in our home. But with a wealth of beautiful countryside right on our doorstep, I can’t help but feel the itching of guilt when we’re in front of a screen instead of outdoors.


No matter which non-gender specific toys we might give our boys, they always gravitate towards the truck with the biggest wheels, or more often the dinosaur with the loudest roar, so I’m ashamed to admit we haven’t yet managed to find the Iguanodon footprints over at Compton. To be fair my husband did try once but after an ill-judged decision to pretend there might be actual living dinosaurs on the beach the three-year-old bottled it.


Hopefully, this year we’ll finally manage it. Yes, there will undoubtedly be a melt down before we’ve left the house because I won’t let son number one wear odd socks. Actually, who am I kidding as I would totally let him do this, as it’s a small miracle if I can get him to wear any type of socks?  Son number two will have fallen asleep before we get 100 yards down the road, but I’m sure once the fresh air hits us and we’ve finally feel the mud beneath our feet it’ll be worth it, right?

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