Running in the family!

It seemed almost inevitable that Island-born Alex Gould would pursue a career in the music industry. After all, his dad Phil Gould and uncle, ‘Boon’ Gould, were both founder members, along with Mark King, of the Isle of Wight’s most successful band, Level 42.

Alex was being brought up at a time when Level 42 were having smash hits with the likes of ‘Something About You’ and ‘Running In The Family’, and now he and fellow artist Laurie Blundell, performing under the name of ‘Cityfall’, have recently released their first single.

Alex smiled: “When I was growing up dad was always playing the drums, and he bought me a junior drum kit when I was five. I started piano lessons at seven so I suppose it was a natural thing for me to move into music.”

After leaving the Island to move to London, Alex passed his music A level exam and went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London’s Barbican, studying jazz and classical, before going to Middlesex University to concentrate on jazz.

He said: “I’ve known Laurie since we were teenagers, and we started doing gigs in 2010. When I moved to a house with a studio in 2013, we began writing and producing music much more. I think both Laurie and I consider ourselves more writers and producers at the moment, but as ‘Cityfall’ I am performing as a drummer and Laurie as a pianist.”

Cityfall’s debut single is called ’39 Years’, and was produced by Miles James. Alex said: “We are just trying to promote it ourselves as much as possible. It’s all about trying to get plays on Spotify, YouTube and other internet music sites.

“The music industry has totally changed since dad was playing with Level 42 back in the 1980s, because people tend not to buy records any more. So we try not to have too big expectations, although we are hoping to release our first album in 2018.”

Stream Cityfall now:

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