Kevin Daniells Estate Agents

Highly experienced estate agent Kevin Daniells has made a welcome return to the Isle of Wight with the aim of simplifying the process of buying or selling properties for all of his clients. 

Kevin has a wealth of experience in the profession, having left school to join Watson Bull and Porter on what was then a YTS scheme. He then secured a placement with Sir Francis Pittis in Ventnor, before opening his own business, K. J.  Daniells, in Shanklin in 1994. So all his estate agency experience was gained on the Island up to 2004, when he sold his business to move to Spain.


Now he feels the time is right to return and assist customers who wish to buy or sell properties by combining 21st century technology with the personal and transparent approach that is so often missing elsewhere – the combination of the internet and the personal touch.


He said: “When my wife Fiona and I opened our own business back in 1994, the property market was at an all time low, so it was important to keep costs to a minimum and build up a rental portfolio, and we didn’t look back.”


Even in those days Kevin and Fiona were thinking ‘outside the box’, and many residents in Shanklin will recall walking past the K. J.  Daniells office, and hear the window ‘talking’ to them about properties that were available on the market. Those were the days before the arrival of the internet, and if you were looking to buy a property to viewed them in estate agents’ windows.


Much has changed, with Kevin, who likes to be looked on as the friendly estate agent, moving things forward. He explained: “The difference between my business and the normal High Street estate agency is that it is geared up technology-wise, so if someone wants to make an appointment they don’t even have to speak to me.


“The computer programme I have written enables people to look at the properties, see the one they want, and then just click a button to say they want to view it, and give three optional times. “The computer then sets a convenient time for the potential buyer, the seller and myself, and informs us all. But I still make a courtesy call to the client to make sure their email has been received. The biggest criticism in the past has been that many people don’t trust estate agents. So when someone submits an offer to me, it goes through the system, and is date stamped, so I cannot alter it.


“So if you have two people bidding on a property, I can print off the offers to show exactly what has been happening and when. This takes transparency and honesty to the level that customers want and expect when they are buying or selling a property.”
Kevin Daniells also keeps costs to a minimum for clients. He has a scheme whereby a seller can pay a one-off £750 fee up front, with no VAT, and no other hidden charges. But if someone is unable to pay that sum up front, then there is the option of paying one percent on completion.


If someone wants to discuss a sale, Kevin will arrange to meet them in their own home. He said: “I find it much easier for them if I go along and meet them face to face in the comfort of their own home. These days it is all about convenience, time and speed for people who want to buy or sell.”

Kevin Daniells offers an Islandwide service and can be contacted on: (01983) 520052. Mobile: 07754406181, or email: [email protected]

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