Rally Round to support people on the Island

The Isle of Wight is set to benefit from Rally Round, a free digital network which enables family members, friends, carers and communities to create and organise support for themselves or someone they care about.


Rally Round allows users to create a secure online network of people they know and trust, to help out with day to day tasks. Users can add tasks to a ‘to do list’ around an individual’s personal needs, and lend a hand by agreeing to do specific tasks on the list.


It is ideal for people with busy lives and is a safe and easy way to bring people and communities together to support those in need. It was designed to help frail older people and their family carers. However, it can also be used in a variety of other ways from co-ordinating volunteers to arranging the school run.


Rally Round has several helpful features including letting the group know when tasks have been completed, and enables users to set up notifications for email or text alerts to ensure nothing slips through the net. It also allows users to share important information such as local pharmacy locations or favourite foods, and uses the same technology used by banks to ensure information shared remains secure.


Supported by the voluntary sector Isle Help partnership and local care system as part of the new model of care on the Island, it is hoped that


Rally Round will become a practical tool for many Islanders.


Anyone living on the Isle of Wight can set up a network on Rally Round using the step by step guidance accessible online at: www.rallyroundme.com/iow. If anyone needs support setting up a Rally Round network, they can either use the online chat support from the Rally Round team or call Citizens Advice Isle of Wight on (01983) 823898, 9.30am-15.30pm Monday- Friday (excluding bank holidays).


Frank and Audrey: “I’ve been married to Audrey for 62 years and with her deteriorating health, I was worried that if I became ill and was hospitalised, then she would have to go into a home. My daughter Joan set up a Rally Round network for me and showed me how to use it. I guess I’m quite a proud old man, so at first it was hard to ask for help. Now I realise people are more than happy to lend a hand, they have helped with lifts to appointments and even ironing!”


Mrs. Brookes and family:  “When I found out about Rally Round I created a network and started inviting my brothers to join me in mum’s network. My husband Alex and I have been doing most of the caring for my mum, Lucia. Now all three of them regularly volunteer to help out, especially with bigger jobs like carpet cleaning, levelling the garden path, taking her out to places and fetching shopping.”



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