Remove moss to improve your home

Moss can become an unsightly and ever-growing problem on roofs, driveways, patios and in guttering if not treated properly.

Over-the-counter treatments are weak strength and only temporary, with the moss returning the following year. But the experts at MossGone are so confident their methods keep moss at bay much longer, they offer a three-year guarantee for all moss and algae clearance.


And at the end of the three-year period, they are able to offer a quote for just a respray, that will ensure a further three years moss–free!


Philip Pestell formed MossGone three years ago, and now works with son Luke and brother-in-law Jamie Watson to provide an efficient service so the appearance of your home can get back to looking as good as new.


Philip explained: “A lot of people have problems with moss of house roofs. Our process basically is to strip all the moss off the roof manually, concentrating particularly on the male and female joints of tiles where the moss grows, and dispose of it. Moss starts life very small, but if left untreated it just gets bigger and bigger.
“The longer it is left, the more it grows, and eventually, a roof looks more like a green field. After we have removed all the moss, the roof is treated with a moss killing product, that is eco-friendly, but only registered companies like ours can use it. That is why we are confident in giving a three-year guarantee.


“The low pressure spray consists of biocide fungal wash to prevent further regrowth and ensure your home receives only the best possible treatment. Since I started the company, I have never had to go back to a roof that I have treated.”


There are 2,000 different types of mosses in Britain, with even roof and driveway moss different, and in turn those are totally different to the sort that grows in grass.


MossGone concentrate only on roofs, driveways and patios, and not grass. Philip continued: “Moss can cause damage to roofs because it becomes very heavy when it is wet, taking on three times its own weight in water, and is like a sponge.


“But when it becomes dry, some of it often falls off the roof, and birds also peck at it, causing it to drop into guttering and clog them. So it’s a knock-on effect unless treated properly. I have been to houses where the soak-away in the garden to take rain water has become completely blocked by moss, and that often means having to have a new drainage system.”


MossGone provides an Island-wide services, with free quotations, and although Philip and his team have previously undertaken moss clearance on the south coast and in the Midlands, he insists Isle of Wight customers will also be his priority.


For further information, or to book a quote, call MossGone.

Office: (01983) 855971

Mobile: 07901725552

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