Ensuring better water quality

Water touches every area of our lives. We come into contact with it on a daily basis, whether it is washing clothes, washing ourselves, cooking, cleaning or of course drinking. Many of us, however, suffer with the detrimental effects of hard water every day, with no fewer than 13 million households in the UK affected by hard water. The Isle of Wight is renowned for suffering from the consequences of calcium and magnesium in the water due to the chalky soil our supply is drawn from.

Wight Water GlassTight skin after washing, scum on your tea, a bath that never bubbles, limescale in the kettle, grubby bathroom and kitchen, furred up boiler, inefficient heating system – do any of those problems sound familiar? All are a consequence of hard water. But thankfully there is a simple, long-term solution; installing a water softener will remove the magnesium and calcium from your water which causes limescale.

Wight Water Services are specialists in water treatment solutions and supply the industry’s leading water softeners. They are easy to use, economical to run and will fit conveniently under your kitchen sink. Larger units for hotels, pubs, launderettes etc., are also available.

Wight Water Services is an independent Island based business, with owner Martin Smith having moved here three years ago to start up his company. He is happy to visit customers who are interested in installing a water softener to offer advice, including the best option for a particular property, and to carry out a survey. He keeps softeners in stock, enabling him to carry out a speedy and efficient service.

Wight Water Services are the authorised main dealers for Kinetico on the Isle of Wight and offer a wide range of domestic water softeners, drinking water systems and after sales care. Kinetico are world-leaders in water softeners and inventors of the twin-tank, non-electric softener. Wight Water Services also supply and fit Kinetico water filters, that take out the impurities from your drinking water giving you a plentiful supply of purer, tastier water 24 hours a day! It cuts out the inconvenience of waiting for jugs to fill or buying expensive bottled water.

Martin said: “We take customer satisfaction very seriously. We provide comprehensive customer support services that include water softener sales, installations, servicing, repairs and salt deliveries.


“We have a wealth of experience in the water treatment industry gained over many years. Much of our work is generated from word of mouth recommendation. Our success is due to our flexibility in tailoring quality products to meet customer requirements within realistic budgets.”

If you want to experience the wonderful benefits a water softener can bring, for a limited period, Wight Water Services is offering Islanders FREE* installation for all Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softeners purchased until March 31, 2017.


For friendly advice on the benefits of having a water softener and to claim your FREE* installation call Wight Water Services on (01983) 241 440 or visit their website www.wightsofteners.co.uk

*Applies to ‘Standard’ installations – terms and conditions apply and subject to home survey

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